80s Costumes Ideas for Adults

If you are thinking of a different look this Halloween, the 80s costumes will surely make you stand out from the crowd. Make up your mind to make a shift from the norm this Halloween by going down the memory lane of the 80s with your Halloween outfit

Here are top 5 80s costume concepts you can recreate this Halloween;

Aerobics Instructor Concept

You can dress like an aerobics instructor this Halloween with your 80s outfit.
How does it work? First, assemble the required items;
· Leg warmers
· Leotard
· Oversized t-shirt or sweat shirt
· Neon spandex pant
· Black permanent marker
· Sweatband
· Walkman

After combining these items to create 80s clothing for the Halloween, consider adding more features that will highlight the “Flashdance” appearance. How? It’s simple; rip the collar off the sweatshirt or t-shirt. Then wear the shirt off one shoulder. You can also use a black permanent marker to include some crazy inscriptions on the front side of the shirt.

Your Hair Appearance

For the perfect hair appearance that will complement the 80s costumes, a side ponytail will work better. A guy should use gel or mousse to spike up the hair. Go a step further to tie colorful bandana around your forehead.

One of the popular accessories that go with the 80s costumes is the sweatband. As you put this accessory on your wrist, move around in aerobics manner, as though you are trying to show some new workout steps to imaginary participants. Don’t forget to put your walkman on and nod away to the sound of your favorite 80s music. You will surely stand out with this Halloween concept.

Add Some Zombie Features to Your 80s Halloween Costumes

Zombie! It’s a great way to add some scary features to 80s costumes, especially when the costume is targeted at Halloween.

Tips to add a zombie look; paint your face with gray color and splash fake blood on your clothing. Make the blood to drip from the side of your mouth. When you walk around, do it slowly and stretch your arms forward as the wicked witches would do.

Boxing Concept

Remember, the whole idea is to achieve a shift from the norm this Halloween by mimicking the 80s costume concepts.
For this concept, you will require the following items;
· Long wig – blonde color
· Colorful bandana – red or yellow
· T-shirt
· Knee and elbow pads
· Bike shorts
· Eye liner
· Blonde

You can choose any renowned boxer of your choice and inscribe the name on a preferably yellow t-shirt. Rip the sleeves off the t-shirt to create more crazy effects. Tie a folded bandana around your forehead. Put on bike shorts, preferably red. Remember to put on knee and elbow pads all in black color.
Finish up by wearing the blonde wig and applying heavy eyeliner.