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80s Costumes Ideas for Adults

If you are thinking of a different look this Halloween, the 80s costumes will surely make you stand out from the crowd. Make up your mind to make a shift from the norm this Halloween by going down the memory lane of the 80s with your Halloween outfit

Here are top 5 80s costume concepts you can recreate this Halloween;

Aerobics Instructor Concept

You can dress like an aerobics instructor this Halloween with your 80s outfit.
How does it work? First, assemble the required items;
· Leg warmers
· Leotard
· Oversized t-shirt or sweat shirt
· Neon spandex pant
· Black permanent marker
· Sweatband
· Walkman

After combining these items to create 80s clothing for the Halloween, consider adding more features that will highlight the “Flashdance” appearance...

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90s Costumes Ideas for Teenage Boys and Girls

90s Costumes Ideas for Teenage Boys and Girls
There are tons of ideas for teenage boys and girls who want to replicate the 90s costumes, whether for Halloween or themed party. The key thing is to get inspiration from the trendiest 90s fashions.
Tip #1: Go Grunge
Grunge is a more popular 90s fashion and can be easily put together with little effort. You will still look great and trendy for that theme party or other occasions. If you’re creative, you can come up with a cute grunge costume all by yourself as a teenager. Otherwise, you can seek the help and ideas of adults around you.
The secret to achieving a grungy look is to settle for these three pieces: band tees, denim, and leather jackets.
Generally, here are tips on what works with grunge 90s costumes

90s Costumes

90s Costumes

·    Put on loose...

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