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90s Hip Hop Halloween Costumes

There are different Halloween costumes available for people to wear nowadays. Once in a while, it is ideal to go against the norm and look back to the past to get inspired. If you want to stand out from the crowd this Holiday you can get ideas from the 90s Hip hop musicians/artists.

Are you a fan of 90s Hip Hop? Or do you just want something unique for Halloween? This article will inspire you on what type of costume to choose from the 90s Hip Hop era.

Tupac Shakur

Legendary Rapper Tupac was a force to reckon with in the early 90s before his tragic death. To replicate this look, you need a bandana, pair of jeans, suspenders, and good footwear.
Wearing this costume will give you that classic Gangster look. Don’t forget to put on a nose Ring.


Also one of the rappers that made ...

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