90s Hip Hop Halloween Costumes

There are different Halloween costumes available for people to wear nowadays. Once in a while, it is ideal to go against the norm and look back to the past to get inspired. If you want to stand out from the crowd this Holiday you can get ideas from the 90s Hip hop musicians/artists.

Are you a fan of 90s Hip Hop? Or do you just want something unique for Halloween? This article will inspire you on what type of costume to choose from the 90s Hip Hop era.

Tupac Shakur

Legendary Rapper Tupac was a force to reckon with in the early 90s before his tragic death. To replicate this look, you need a bandana, pair of jeans, suspenders, and good footwear.
Wearing this costume will give you that classic Gangster look. Don’t forget to put on a nose Ring.


Also one of the rappers that made waves in the 90s. To look like the legendary Rapper, you need the following: a red leather jacket, baggy jeans, and a dark spectacle. If you want the Costume to look more realistic, you can use a fancy walking stick, put on a hat, and don’t forget your cigars.


Where would this list be without Slim Shady? The greatest white rapper hip hop has produced.
You can recreate this with a hoodie, white t-shirt, beanie, White glasses, and dye your hair brown. You get to look all shady when you get to the party.

As a lady reading this article, I am sure you would have been wondering, if these outfits/costumes are for males alone. Don’t be bothered as a female we got you covered. The following are outfit inspiration for 90s hip hop costume

Missy Elliott

Popularly known for her song get your freak on. One of the female artists who defined hip hop in the 90s.
The costume to wear is inspired by her popular music video: The Rain.
It’s a black costume that will make people notice you the moment you arrive at the party. This costume is sure going to get the freaks on for Halloween.


Also known as the first lady of ruff rider. Eve was the artist most younger ladies looked up to for hop hop inspiration.
Recreating Eve’s look doesn’t require much effort. You do this by cutting your hair low and dying it blonde, wearing a white baseball or basketball shirt and a nice boot.
Wearing this gives you the perfect Eve look.

Lil Kim

The costume is from Lil Kim’s Famous Outfit she wore to the 1999 VMAs Award. The 90s outfit had a lot of people talking about her during and after the award show. It is a purple pasty with a purple jumpsuit.
The left breast was exposed but covered with purple pasty.
You want to be the center of attraction for the next Halloween party, try this outfit out.

These outfits are unique in their way and will bring back some old-school hip-hop nostalgia. So don’t be afraid to try any of them.