90s Costumes Tips to Replicate 90s Grunge Girl

90s Costumes Tips to Replicate 90s Grunge Girl
In case you’re wondering what the heck is Grunge, it was a musical style made popular by 1990s bands such as The Sound garden and The Nirvana. Subsequently, this musical style became the rage all over the country and evolved to become a way of life, even for the fashion arena. Becoming a 90’s grunge girl is not a hard task. Keep reading to find inspiration on 90s costumes for a perfect Grunge girl look.
In order to mimic the Grunge Girl fashion properly, you need to put some factors into consideration. These would include shoes, clothes, taste in music, and attitude. Let’s get going…
Go For a Plaid Shirt
A plaid shirt is the number one clothing item to achieve a Grunge Girl look. And, you can draw inspiration from 90s TV shows such as My So-Called Life, where Ray anne and Angela Chase were constantly covered in plaids.
The Grunge Girl look does not condone bright colors. Instead, you should pay more attention to earth tones as well as darker colors, including red, brown, black, burgundy, yellow, gray, dark green and mustard yellow. Big size is characteristic of the Grunge Girl’s 90s costumes. And, you should create holes on the plaid shirt if possible.
Here are some couple of tips to help you achieve this look quicker;
·    Look for flannel shirts in second hand or local thrift stores. They are often available in faded and worn-out forms, which perfectly suit the Grunge girl look.
·    Experiment with different options for wearing the shirt – either tied around the waist or worn over another shirt. Try not to button up, which is more suitable for a Grunge Boy look.
·    Don’t go for girly fit shirts or tight fitting plaid shirts. The 90s Grunge look that you seek to achieve is usually with loose and unstructured shirts. Go for larger size than your body.
·    A checkerboard plaid dress worn over ripped pair of jeans is a better option for girls who prefer the slightly more girly grunge look.
Experiment with a Crop Top
While Grunge is very closely associated with masculine attire, it is not out of place for you to reveal a bit of skin in your midsection. This will offer you the 90s icons’ style Grunge Look made popular by the likes of Gwen Stefani – the lead singer for No Doubt band.
The crop top could be a sweater or t-shirt, and in plain colors that include grey, black, maroon, or white. A subtle design would also be cool. The key element is to show off a bit of your midsection by going for a short crop top. For a more grunge look, you can jag the top.
Watch out for more of our posts on 90s costumes to get more inspiration on how to look attractive and chic with your 90s fashion.