90s Costumes Ideas for Teenage Boys and Girls

90s Costumes Ideas for Teenage Boys and Girls
There are tons of ideas for teenage boys and girls who want to replicate the 90s costumes, whether for Halloween or themed party. The key thing is to get inspiration from the trendiest 90s fashions.
Tip #1: Go Grunge
Grunge is a more popular 90s fashion and can be easily put together with little effort. You will still look great and trendy for that theme party or other occasions. If you’re creative, you can come up with a cute grunge costume all by yourself as a teenager. Otherwise, you can seek the help and ideas of adults around you.
The secret to achieving a grungy look is to settle for these three pieces: band tees, denim, and leather jackets.
Generally, here are tips on what works with grunge 90s costumes

90s Costumes

90s Costumes

·    Put on loose-fitting dresses or clothes
·    Go for acid-washed, ripped jeans
·    Create holes on your clothing items, especially the down piece – short, jeans or pants
·    Wear messy hair. In fact, try not to wash your hair a couple of days prior to the event. This will help provide you with a greasy look.
·    You should consider going faux instead of putting on genuine leather.
·    Look for T-shirts of bands that became famous prior to and in the course of the ‘90s. Typical example of such bands is the Nirvana, Led Zeppelin and The Nine Inch Nails.

Tip #2: Go for Lavished Plaids
Lots of plaids were characteristic of the 90’s fashion. Boys and girls will look simply cute on plaid button-up shirts, plaid dresses and plaid skirts. Experiment different forms of plaid fashions. For instance, you can layer your plaid button-up over the entire outfit. Alternatively, you can choose to get a plaid shirt and wrap it around your waist.

Tip #3: Doll Up
Also in the 90s, doll dresses were quite popular and often came in short-sleeves as well as floral-print. The cute doll dresses were often complemented with a jean jacket, sneakers, and a pair of combat boots.
Some of the great ideas for dolling up to replicate the 90s costumes include the following;
·    Black or maroon body-conscious velvet clothes and dresses
·    Crop tops – Wear crop tops with high-waist jeans. These include cropped t-shirts, cardigan and tank-top
·    Use butterfly clips to adorn your hair. For a more stylish look, pull the front of your hair backward in an inch segments and use butterfly clip to pin each segment.
·    Go for smaller sized tees to achieve very tight fitting
Finally, rocking a pair of coveralls is another way to look 90s as boys and girls. Both overall shorts and long overalls were the trend of the era in the 90s.

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