Ideas on 90s Costumes for Men

Ideas on 90s Costumes for Men

The 90s were very interesting periods, particularly characterized by fashion, music and television shows. Grunge music was all over the place on the radio during this period. Some of the favorite shows during this time were the ‘Melrose Place.’ Combat boots and flannel shirts were in vogue in the 90s. Indeed, 90s costumes is usually a great idea for Halloween or theme party. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to 90s costumes for men.

Fresh Prince

Just like Smith, you can dress like the Fresh Prince of Bell Air. Some of the items to mimic Smith in his Fresh Prince attire include different caps turned sideways, crazy patterns as well as bright neon colors. Dress in a patterned jacket and jeans and complement the look with a high color sneakers and a cap, all brightly colored. Finish off with black sunglasses and a couple of gold chain necklaces.

Fox Mulder

At the wake of the ’90s, a popular TV show known as the ‘X-Files’ landed on the air. Fox Mulder was the FBI agent in this show who believed in aliens as well as extra-terrestial life, constantly looking for evidences to substantiate his beliefs and never tired of investigating anything paranormal. To mimic this 90’s costume, you will need a suit and tie, a sort of conservative dressing. Buy FBI laminated badge or create your own to complement the costume. Consider adding inscriptions such as “The Truth is Out There.” Remember to carry a flashlight to search places that are dark.

Grunge Rocker

The Grunge music filled the air during the 90s. The Grunge 90s fashion look was popularized by bands like Alice in Chains and Nirvana. Attires that characterized this era are combat boots, tattered hair, over-sized plaid flannel shirts, torn-up jeans. Dressing this way will unmistakably mark you as someone coming from the 90s. Be ready for lots of admiration. You can make up long hair with an extension or long wig and use your fingers to make the hair look messy. Go for a band-like shirt.

The Austin’s Powers Costume

The 90s were also characterized by the Austin Powers movies. Mike Myers was the major focus of this movie. Some of the ways to reflect the Austin Powers include black glasses, white ruffled shirts, velvet jacket and pants. These are the items for dressing up to mimic the 90s costumes. You can wear wig or comb your hair over, plus a sign necklace to further adorn the look. Catch-phrases work hand in hand with the Austin Power signature. For instance, you can use phrases such as “Oh behavior” Indeed, this is a costume that would keep heads turning towards you. It’s indeed a lot of fun dressing in these 90s costumes.