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90’s Costumes

90s Costumes

So, you’re invited to a costume party, and you want to go as something from the 90s, but you can’t think of a 90s costume idea? Look no further.  There are plenty of resources online, in magazines, and in pop culture for 90s costumes.

To start, if you were born or grew up around the 90s, look to what you loved during that time. Perhaps you can get two friends together and become T.L.C.! Just don some crop tops and baggy jeans, and tie your hair up. Or maybe you idolized Jim Carrey – dress up as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Steve Urkel is an easy one – find a preppy red shirt and some overalls, and wear them as high as you can, then stick some thick-framed glasses on.

Then there are always cartoons for your 90s costumes...

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