90’s Costumes

90s Costumes


So, you’re invited to a costume party, and you want to go as something from the 90s, but you can’t think of a 90s costume idea? Look no further.  There are plenty of resources online, in magazines, and in pop culture for 90s costumes.

To start, if you were born or grew up around the 90s, look to what you loved during that time. Perhaps you can get two friends together and become T.L.C.! Just don some crop tops and baggy jeans, and tie your hair up. Or maybe you idolized Jim Carrey – dress up as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Steve Urkel is an easy one – find a preppy red shirt and some overalls, and wear them as high as you can, then stick some thick-framed glasses on.

Then there are always cartoons for your 90s costumes. Didn’t all children love Buzz Lightyear? Create a space helmet out of scraps of plastic and paint it green and white. Or how about you find a couple of appropriate wigs and some green and red jackets, and you can be Daria and Jane. Did you watch a lot of Nickelodeon? All you need is a 2×4 and you’re on your way to becoming Stick Stickley!

For couples, there are many options as well. Make up some crazy blonde wigs and you have the beginnings of Arnold and Helga. Or rummage around for some old jeans and flannel, and you can instantly be Clarissa Darling and Sam (ladder optional). If you’re feeling especially elegant and wacky, have one of you wear a slinky dress and dress the other up as a rabbit – Jessica Rabbit and Roger Rabbit!

Like the Stick Stickley costume, it is easy to get these materials for your 90’s costumes inexpensively, without paying top-dollar for cheap goods at specialty stores. All you need is a pink bodysuit and you are already almost finished with your Crumb, from “Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.” Or rummage through yours or your parents’ old clothing for some 90s prints, and you can be The Fresh Prince and Carlton – without paying a cent! Just make sure you get the Fresh Prince rap and the Carlton dance down. And just put some white briefs over your khaki shorts, pull up some socks and strap on a cape and a belt on your head, and you’re Quailman from “Doug.”

If you want to go for the gusto, get two friends together with you, make up some killer, sexy witch costumes, paint your faces up and go as the three witches from “Hocus Pocus.” Or search around for the trendiest preppy schoolgirl plaids you can find, throw on a chic cardigan, and you can be one of the women from “Clueless.” Find some old genie pants at the bottom of a drawer? You’ve got yourself an MC Hammer costume – just find a gaudy, enormous gold chain and a leather jacket!

No matter whether you want simple nostalgia, or all-out characters, you will find what you’re looking for in your 90s costumes, and you can do so as cheaply or as extravagantly as you want.